An award winning website

An award winning website


The challenge

The University of Gloucestershire, despite being among the smallest UK universities, had a website among the biggest – 13,500 pages of unbranded chaos. Out of these, just 350 were responsible for 95% of all site traffic! With concerning decreases in student recruitment and the need for a new digital presence, we used the opportunity to invest in a brand new website – design, infrastructure and content management.

What we did
A £200,000 budget was secured and a creative digital agency selected to create a simplified site, optimised for prospective students. Once a blueprint was approved and a website in place, we worked with university departments – across four months – to complete copy and photography. We concentrated resources on the most valuable
digital assets the 20 pages on the site that were critical in securing revenue. This included the top 12 undergraduate courses (hero courses) that made up 60% of annual intake.

The outcome
The results were outstanding. Over a two-year period, the university’s recruitment position transformed with a 16% increase in firm applications and between 10% and 50% for hero courses (compared to an average of 9% over previous years). Website analytics showed huge improvement also with more visitors, reduced bounce rates and significantly more time spent browsing the site.