A blueprint university prospectus

A blueprint university prospectus

Creative and project management of a brand new prospectus for the University of Gloucestershire. The prospectus was an exciting blueprint for the university’s first ever brand and writing guidelines.

This prospectus marked a step-change in the University of Gloucestershire’s brand. The organisation needed to raise its game in an increasingly competitive marketplace.  Alongside improvements to products and services, a new brand proposition was developed, for which the prospectus took the lead.

What we did
Following market research into what students exploring university options want to see in a prospectus, we developed a content strategy. Customers said they wanted to know who would be teaching them; we profiled a lecturer for every subject area. They said they wanted to know about the learning facilities; we brought these to the fore. They wanted to ‘flick through’ course pages and easily find relevant information; we re-structured course copy using an easy-to-navigate column layout and clearly marked sections. We invested in new photography to showcase the student experience and used a bright colour scheme to stand out in a saturated marketplace.

The outcome
Mid-way through the open day cycle (the last point that metric were gained at time of writing), prospectus-driven open-day bookings had increased by 7% – a pleasing result. The investment in new content paid dividends: it was a blueprint for the university’s first ever brand guide, content was used in marketing campaigns across the year, and academic teams were so impressed that they requested blown-up posters of pages for their teaching areas. None of these results had ever been achieved before.