Promoting valuable experiences

Promoting valuable experiences

As university students pay more for their degrees, so do they expect more value for their money, including a career on graduation. The more professional skills and experience a student can develop while studying, the more chance they have of getting that career. Engaging them with this as early as possible is essential. The purpose of this campaign was to do exactly that; objectives included driving students to the university careers office, soon after enrolment, to start planning their career and signing up to their first skills development activity.

What we did
First and foremost, we wanted to make the honing of professional skills an exciting concept. We development a new brand, Your Future Plan, that included strong messaging about exciting skills development opportunities. We wanted to get employment skills on students’ minds before enrolment, so we produced personalised direct mail and email campaigns to plant the seed.

We sent them a voucher book including incentives to visit the careers office in their first term. We produced environmental graphics and engaging visual displays for the office locations, making them visible, intriguing and welcoming.

Once the students entered the offices to claim their giveaways, they were given their own Your Future Plan branded folder and literature on the opportunities relevant to them. They were then registered for starting their career plans and first skills activity, for which a Superdry-style hoodie with ‘I’ve got a plan’ on the back was an incentive.

The outcome
We achieved outstanding results. The number of students visiting the careers offices in the first term increased by +151%, and student logins to the online careers portal by +131%. Students were seen around campuses with their branded water bottles and hoodies which increased the project’s visibility and created a ‘cool’ community feeling.

As a result of the project’s investment and subsequent success, the relationship between the careers and marketing teams significantly improved, as did the career teams’ previously-low morale.

“For the first time ever, demand is outweighing supply!” Careers office manager.