An award-winning website

Focusing on what matters

The University of Gloucestershire, despite being among the smallest UK universities, had a website among the biggest – 13,500 pages of unbranded chaos. Out of these, just 350 were responsible for 95% of all site traffic. With concerning decreases in student recruitment and the need for a new digital presence, we used the opportunity to invest in a new website – design, infrastructure and content management.

Promoting what matters
A £200,000 budget was secured and a digital agency selected to create a simplified site for prospective students. Once the website was built, we worked with university departments – across four months – to complete copy and multimedia. We concentrated resources on the most valuable assets – 20 pages that were critical in securing revenue, including 12 undergraduate courses (hero courses) that made up 60% of annual intake.

Achieving outstanding results
Over a two-year period, the university’s recruitment position transformed with a 16% increase in firm applications and even more for hero courses. Website analytics showed huge improvement also with more visitors, reduced bounce rates and significantly more time spent browsing the site.