A sense of belonging

Driving customer loyalty

HAVAS Education HEIST award winner logo

Hartpury University, a new university, had strong brand awareness, attracting plenty of applications, but was struggling to convert these applications to Firm UCAS choices and then enrolments. We were tasked with improving this, so we set to work.

In partnership with customers – existing students about essential ingredients, we developed an outstanding multi-channel conversion campaign to help students feel like part of the Hartpury family before they arrived, driving confidence, excitement and loyalty to the brand.

The campaign included informative and inspirational information, including enrolment communications, inspirational student blogs, webinars and videos with lecturers, wall art promoting Gloucestershire, a website hub, Facebook groups, as well as some lovely Hartpury-branded gifts to help customers feel special.

We branded the campaign #ComingtoHartpury –  now a flagship university campaign, which has driven over 10% more sales funnel conversions to help increase student numbers each year. It’s also won Silver and Bronze HEIST awards, marking it as among the best university campaign in the UK.