The Stranger Series

I was recently approached by well-known London photographer and storyteller Arteh Odjidja to co-write a book. It was one of my favourite writing projects of all time.

Both humbling and inspiring, the beautiful book – The Stranger Series: fears and dreams is now published.

It shares heartfelt stories and stunning photographs, emphasising the authentic experiences and aspirations of young migrants and refugees in the UK.

You’ll discover devastating loss, not just of home and loved ones, but also of identity and belonging.

But from this loss, a fervent desire to transform harrowing pasts into purposeful futures was sparked in each and every person.

Now, empowered by their stories, they champion their cause, making a difference to lives and driving political change – softening hearts to their realities.

While evolving as young people they ponder their futures and the roles they hope to play in the societies they now call home.